Working with an executive and leadership coach is a transformative process that enables you to perform at your highest level and maximize your potential as a leader. Focus areas include:

  • Identify and develop leadership gaps to enhance leadership competencies

  • Develop the skills needed to manage new business areas and/or new teams

  • Improve performance, prevent career derailment and enhance career effectiveness

  • Overcome organizational challenges and find opportunities in them

  • Develop a strong sense of self awareness, a clear vision of the future and a path to success and fulfillment

Methods often use feedback processes through self awareness, feedback tools and on the job learning. Leader coaching allows for personalized support and guidance to build capacity and develop agility to amplify your success and inspire others.


Guiding your team to transition to the next level of performance and effectiveness.  Team coaching raises team performance, strengthen inter-team relationships and ultimately, help the team perform at its highest level. Focus areas include:

  • Evaluate the team culture to enhance team performance

  • Leverage strengths and minimize derailers

  • Identify the vision, mission and values of the team

  • Transition team members and/or leaders

Methods include team assessments, team development sessions and creation of team charters. Understanding and leveraging team  dynamics allows for more successful outcomes and individual/group satisfaction.


Deepening knowledge of oneself leads to informed decisions and recognition of the best opportunities for your path forward.  Sample assessment tools include:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Understand your personality preferences to assist/expand career exploration

  • DiSC - Understand how your behaviors/team behaviors relate to work productivity, teamwork and communication

  • Values sort - Identify and prioritize values important to you in your career

  • StrengthsFinder - Helps individuals and teams leverage their talents, knowledge and skills in a positive manner

  • 360 Feedback - Process to obtain information from a variety of workplace sources on an individuals' work-related behavior and performance


​Assessment data allows for individual and team self discovery.  Development occurs when this information is used to maximize strengths and close gaps leading to greater fulfillment and outcomes.


Working with a career coach is a thought provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your professional potential (adapted from ICF).  A coach helps you understand and translate your abilities, interests and strengths into a rewarding career.  A coach can support your movement forward by:

  • Encouraging self-exploration through career assessments

  • Helping individuals discover, clarify, and align each step in the career exploration process

  • Overcoming obstacles and roadblocks to career success

  • Creating accountability to ensure your plans are put into action

Don't let chance or someone else direct your coaching is effective for those wanting to find their passion and  striving down their career path.


Working with a career coach can lead into a more rewarding career whether you are employed, looking for a job or advancing your career.  A coach can support your movement forward by:

  • Building Your Brand - What sets you apart from others? Build your confidence and sell your unique self  

  • Resume/Social Media Profile Development - Successfully market and showcase your skills, experience and abilities 

  • Job Search Strategy - Build a variety of means to identify opportunities and generate job leads

  • Interviewing Preparation - Effective preparation results in enhanced confidence and effective translation of why you should receive the offer

  • Negotiating Your Offers - Ask for what is important to you, get paid what you are worth or seek a promotion

  • Building Your 30/60/90 Plan - By planning out your goals of the first 30, 60, and 90 days on the job, you have created your own vision and  take advantage of your full potential in your new role

  • Job Advancement - Propel your career forward by identifying and filling gaps and obtaining the right experiences and exposure 

Take charge of your career by ensuring your strategies are effective and generate the results you seek.

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