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Assessment data allows for employee and team self discovery.  Development occurs when this information is used to maximize strengths and close gaps leading to greater business outcomes. Select assessment tools include:

  • DiSC – tool to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – tool to understand how your personality preferences factor into career exploration

  • Harrison – tool to enhance on-boarding, performance management, leadership development, succession planning and employee engagement.

  • 360 Feedback – process to obtain information from a variety of workplace sources on an employee’s work-related behavior and performance

  • StrengthsFinder – tool to help employees and teams leverage their talents, knowledge and skills in a positive manner


A diverse and inclusive organization yields improved retention, greater creativity, higher attraction of top performers, increased revenue, and a more engaged workforce. Focus areas include:

  • Creation/refinement of your diversity, equity and Inclusion strategy

  • Enhancing hiring practices to produce more equitable outcomes

  • Sustainability and support structures for efforts to create belonging

  • Individual and team assessments for enhanced awareness

  • Building inclusive talent management and organizational effectiveness practices 


An effective talent review and succession management process is the engine of talent growth in your organization. Your process should accurately predict who will succeed and ensure that talent is being appropriately developed. A consultant can support your movement forward and track your progress through:

  • Talent Assessment & Review -  focus on business-related talent challenges, identify key talent and implement targeted development initiatives to retain them

  • Leadership, Critical and Key Role Successor Identification - identify successors to fill critical and key leadership positions within your organization through objective assessment

  • Succession Planning – process of identifying and developing the talent already existing in the organization for future deployment

  • Measuring Progress - Creating accountability/metrics to ensure your plans are successful


The issues and factors that affect employee engagement ultimately affect a company’s profitability and bottom line. Research identifies the link between employee engagement and business outcomes such as quality, retention, sales, productivity, customer satisfaction, and job satisfaction.  A consultant can support your movement forward through:

  • Leadership Effectiveness - enable leaders to understand the critical importance of engagement, the competitive advantage it creates and how to create a highly engaged work environment

  • Engagement Action Planning - ensure a clear understanding of employee engagement levels, the implications, and creating meaningful action

  • Team  Effectiveness – understand and harness team dynamics to create high performing work teams 

  • Career Development Programs – create pathways for your high achievers to excel

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