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Clients Served

Are you seeking to become a better Leader?

Are you seeking to further develop your leadership effectiveness? Do you want to perform at your highest level and maximize your potential as a leader?  Do you want to be more effective with your team? In achieving business results? Every leader can benefit from working with a coach to move them to the next level. 

Are you seeking Career Advancement?

Are you someone who is seeking greater career satisfaction, advancement or fit?  Do you need to clarify your direction to bring greater fulfillment in your working life? Are you hitting roadblocks and obstacles from progressing in your career? Working with a coach can assist you in obtaining the career you desire.



Are you interested in Entering the Workforce?

Are you a college student who needs assistance entering the workforce?  Are you a stay-at-home parent who is ready to transition back into employment? Are you unemployed and need to clarify your direction and learn job search strategies? A coach can support you as you make this important change.


"Mona is a fantastic executive coach. She pushed me to find the answers I had within myself, which enabled me to identify the true problems and find creative answers within the organization. She reawakened the self-belief and determination that first took me to higher positions. I am a better person after having a few sessions with Mona." Gene L. Senior Human Resources Consultant

"Mona  enabled me to explore different carrier options and be open and excited about new possibilities. I was able to gain a clear vision of what companies and jobs I would like to focus on in my search. That made the process of looking for a new job more streamlined and focused.  I have enjoyed working with Mona because of her coaching skills, her knowledge, energy, genuine care, and honest feedback that she showed during our coaching sessions. I know I will continue working with Mona in the future if I have any coaching needs." Dariana P.  Data Manager  

"Mona has been my leadership coach for the last few months. It’s hard to put into words how much she has helped me. Mona is the absolute best at challenging you, and helping you find the answers within. The amazing thing about Mona is she is the very best at getting you to realize this yourself. The magic of Mona is she doesn’t tell you these things at all, she asks you questions and halfway through the answer... you have realized something about your self on so many levels. My leadership skills have improved immensely due to Mona’s very effective method of coaching. She is a well balanced coach who is the best of the best at what she does. Thank you Mona for helping me realize that I am now the leader that I used to think I was. All that you have taught me carries over in my personal life as well. So many positive outcomes from Mona’s coaching..." Jon K. Plant Manager

"I really appreciate the insight that you provided from a business perspective – it was very meaningful and reflective.  My Executive Leadership Development Program has been a great balance of soft skills with driving business results, so to have a coach like you who can maneuver both conversations and direction is essential and invaluable." Lori K, HR Director

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